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Wait for Airlines Numbers

Cramer weighed in
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet on the airlines, specifically JetBlue (JBLU), which he said is doing much better than a lot of the other carriers. But he warned that a downgrade of American Airlines (AAL ) by Merrill Lynch is going to keep the group down. Cramer recommended waiting until the airlines’ monthly numbers are released and the individual companies sort themselves out, as right now the group is trading all together and not positively.

On the retail front, Cramer zeroed in on Michael Kors (KORS ), which he stressed investors have to stay away from. He explained that when a company like Kors gets into a
cheap michael kors downward spiral for comparable store sales, it’s almost impossible for it to get out of it.

When one viewer asked if Whole Foods (WFM ) is still kicking or falling behind the wellness store surge, Cramer acknowledged that Target (TGT ) chief executive Brian Cornell is putting a big focus on wellness and Costco (COST) is seeing huge
discount Michael Kors sales in organic and natural foods. This puts pressure on Whole Foods, according to Cramer. Whole Foods must come out
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet with something special and new and he said it can’t happen soon
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In biotech, Cramer explained why he’s sticking by Gilead (GILD) and maintaining his stance that investors should own it.

Cramer also looked at Oracle (ORCL), which he said is doing a good job. Investors should not bet against it, as Oracle is displaying a newfound aggressiveness.

Lastly, Cramer
Michael kors handbags outlet answered a viewer looking for input on
Michael Kors handbags outlet whether now is a good time to buy more shares of Monster Beverage (MNST). He said that the best way to buy Monster right now is actually through Coca Cola
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