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education. I can tell you that while I love to learn about all the updates and nuisances of setting up companies I know that the real benefit comes from understanding how collection attorneys work. The goal is to learn what tricks they use to tear companies apart. Believe me, most will foam at the mouth when they learn the business owner is using a corporation. They are not so pleased to learn the business owner is an LLC or other partnership style TM entity. So at this point you may be wondering how the LLC is different. This is a complex issue, but generally we can say that the laws of all states (except Pennsylvania and Nebraska) have included special rules for LLCs which allows them to be protected in this type of situation. In other words, if we had the same facts in which you hit someone on the way to the park on a Sunday and $500,000 of the judgment was not covered by your insurance, the creditor would generally not be able to gain control of your LLC. The creditor also could not vote to end the LLC, could

from Porter Beach. Their 12 foot kayaks had no problem navigating the breaking waves as they left the shoreline. The further out they got, the more gentle the swells. "Let’s turn around here," Triem told Derrik, about three quarters of a mile into the lake. As soon as Triem made his turn, his kayak filled with water, rushing in immediately. His kayak capsized. He dove into the frigid water to avoid being dragged underneath. The initial shock of the cold water swallowing him caused hyperventilation and verbal gasps to catch his breath. He kept swimming anyway. "I was just trying to close the distance to the beach as fast as I could," Triem recalled. Fear engulfed him. His son, too. He could see it in Derrik’s eyes, he said. "Just keep paddling," Triem told Derrik, who’s not as big or as strong as his father. Fear was telling me that I was going to die. God was telling me that I would live. Michael Triem Triem swam
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